Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Job search.... 3 months gone.

3 months into my job search. 2 Interviews.
#1 I turned down cause the boss was a jerk-face.
#2 sitting and waiting to hear something.

It seemed like things were going in the right direction 2 distance interviews in 3 days! One via skype and another via telephone.

Skype guy was an jerk. Seriously I have 8 years of hands-on experience and fantastic references and youre gonna quiz me on what kind of grades I got in my immunology class- 10- years ago!?!? Then make it seem like a bad thing that all my experience is in developing sensors but also at the same time tell me I dont have much experience developing products!? HUH!? That doesnt even make sense. And tell me you'll see if theres somewhere you might be able to fit me in (code words for we'll bring you in to do our shit work that we're too important to do ourselves). Sorry buddy- im not working for you.

Phone interview was 3 days later and went completely in the opposite direction. Guys seemed to praise me about how my experience was perfectly what they were looking for and his questions consisted of details on what things I did with each of my former projects. He immediately said they'd be emailing me about an in person interview.
Cue hectic crazy week trying to prepare a 30 minute interview presentation in 3 days. (My husband is amazing and I'd have never made it through the week without his support and willingness to let the chores slide for a few days so I could concentrate on preparing).
Then- full day interview 8:30am to 2:15pm. Whew- exhausting, but left me excited about the prospects- including the work theyre doing and my qualifications for the position- pretty much figured it was in the bag..... Until- I was told theyd be in contact within the next week OR TWO...... UGH.

Is there anything more frustrating that watching the days tick by not knowing anything. Especially when youre only 50% funded at your current job. AND your boss told you hed make sure you were funded- but now says he cant provide for the rest of your time because he doesnt have the funding (the announcement of which just so happens to coincide with him finding out youre still looking for a new job- surprise-surprise).

Ive got 2.5 days left til the 2 week mark.... and nothing yet. Meanwhile- nothing else worth applying to has come across my plate and I havent heard from any other applications I already have out.

Frustration, Lack of Motivation, Edge of Depression- THAT is my life at present. Making due on the love of my family and friends in the meantime.

If youre so inclined- say a prayer for us.... We could certainly use it.

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  1. Good luck! I've been through a job search multiple times recently. Now, I'm starting again because we're moving again.