Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Dinner May 20th

Now that the wedding is almost 3 months behind us a new favorite past-time of mine has been finally trying out the recipes I've been pining for years on Pinterest. M loves it when I cook, and it allows him alot more time to do things around the house while I am, plus he actually enjoys helping me and seeing what I come up with! So I figure some blog reviews of the recipes are always warranted.... Ill have to get better about making sure I take pictures of how everything turned out in the future. Pictures here refer to the recipe page.

Last night's dinner had a spicy mexican theme.

Mexican Spiced Steak with Lime Butter and Chipotle Sweet Corn Fettuccine

I used tenderloin steaks because they were easiest to defrost out of what we had in the freezer. And went for the fresh corn on the cob- its still pretty early in the season for it, but I couldnt resist and it was nice and sweet.
The steaks were very easy, although I think they would have turned out ALOT better if we'd done them on the grill- but Alas M was spending some volunteer time at St Elizabeth's doing yard work and he's my grill master. That being said- make sure you use the spices as a rub especially if youre cooking on a stove top-- not just a coating.... way too much spice mixture on the steaks- some of which would have been lost with the grilling, but was retained with the fry pan and oven broiler.
I did a sear on each side of the steak then 3 minutes per side in the broiler. Added the lime butter and left in the oven til M got home (which luckily was only about 5 minutes). They ended up just over medium.
This was my first time making compound butter and while I think it turned out alright, I also needed to use a bigger container to mix it in..... everything fit nicely into the tiny little tupperware- but it didnt allow much room for mixing. Unfortunately the taste was drowned out by the over abundance of spice rub- but luckily ive got plenty left to try on other things in the future.
The corn fettuccine was a mess but decently tasty. I was having a hard time figuring out how long M would be gone and so a few things got started too soon. The corn cooked up nicely- although there is a fine line when cutting corn off the cob with getting too close to the cob and getting those little hard pieces. I used a mix of white and yellow ears... FYI mid-may has decent ears of yellow, but the kernels on the white are still pretty tiny.
So first off with why my fettuccine was only so so... I didnt make the sauce. Our AC is down until we can get new filters- because the whole thing was a mess when we moved in- the AC didnt work at all because of a freon leak. By the time I started the broiler for the steaks it was too damn hot in our kitchen and the thought of cream sauce was repulsive. The pasta definitely needed a sauce though (which was probably also exaggerated by the pasta sticking together thanks to being over cooked). I threw the garlic and some chipotle powder (I dont like putting real peppers in my food) directly into the mix of corn and pasta since I didnt make the sauce- but I dont think I added enough of either. So gummy pasta a decent corn flavor and a tiny bit of spice. not bad, but nothing to write home about.

Definitely gotta try it with the cream sauce next time....

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