Thursday, January 2, 2014

End of 2013 Recap

Starting from least exciting to most....

New Years Eve. Ordered Lost Dog for dinner and watched Finding Nemo. Managed to stay up til midnight but only because of the music coming from next door and the screaming kids from upstairs. M & I's first official date was NYE 2011- and the last two years we've had to spend apart. LDRs are tough.

Persephone's first service appointment. (Persephone is my truck's name). Lets just say I went in expecting a free service (My Toyota dealership gives free service for life!) and left with a $300 bill for a new tire- two days before Christmas when I had yet to buy any presents. This is my second time with a nail in my tire in the last 6 months. Plus at least 3 other people I work with have had a nail in their tires in that same time frame. Work needs to start paying for this sh** or hire better construction workers who don't leave their supplies all over the F-ing place!! ARGH!

Christmas Eve and The day after Christmas. With M's family is always insane. When you get 8 siblings together between the ages of 30 and 13- All Heck will break loose. Plus oh by the way- you thought you were cooking dinner for 4 but No- actually you're cooking dinner for 8. I come from a small family of 4- I have no idea how to cook for 8 people!? But yes. I did actually manage to pull it off in spectacular fashion.

Christmas! With M's family. 7/8 of the siblings were there- one brother was in Puerto Rico (I think?) with his girlfriend's family.... supposedly he was going to propose on NYE- but we've heard no news yet. Everyone had a great time, his little sisters who gave me quite a bit of a tough time at first have warmed up to me quite alot. And my soon to be MIL got me a fantastic gift. A bag full of Mystic Monk Coffee AND the necklace I fell in love with- and wanted to buy- but didn't want to spend quite so much money on- for the wedding!

Christmas! With my family. And the first time M's mom met my dad and some of my extended family, and the first time they met a couple of M's brothers. And everyone got along wonderfully!! I was so excited- they all really liked each other! M's brothers told me they think my dad's a Bad Ass. And his mom found my uncle who can be a bit obnoxious to be quite hilarious! Wow! Presents were great this year too- although my family went way overboard this year. Dad always gets me jewelry. Mom got me the most beautifully soft perfect sheets that M & I picked out for our registry. My Uncle made us all butcher block cutting boards- yes as in hand made- Have I mentioned my uncle is awesome?? And my awesome brother got me our KitchenAid! in Red just like I wanted! lol.

Wedding Dress Fitting!! I had my first dress fitting last Friday! First off- the shop is Simply Modern Bridal and they just moved to a new location in Central Park- and I have to say- its Amazing! Best business decision ever- bright open new space, lots more room and a fantastic location. The fitting went so well- I was worried cause I bought the dress off the rack and its about 4 sizes too big. But their seamstress is great and her prices are just beyond belief. So I got my dress about 50% off the original price and I was expecting to be at that cost after alterations- but NO Im still way under it!! She has to take almost a full panel of the dress out and bring up the hem about 5 inches, bring up the hem of the slip, put the zipper and buttons back on, put in a 3 point bustle and is making me two sets of straps to choose from for only $330! Plus its only going to take a month til its ready! Jenn that I worked with originally remembered me right away and the other woman remembered me once I put my dress on- I just love the personal experience that Ive had there.

Not 2013- but coming soon in the new year!

M & I found a fantastic house to rent in King George VA! We're going to sign the lease this weekend! Its a 5 bedroom 2.5 bathroom, 2500 sq ft house with a nice back porch and 2.5 acre yard! A beautiful kitchen and a gas fireplace! M's going to move in this month and then Ill be joining him in March after the wedding!

I hope everyone had a joyful Christmas and a wonderful (and hopefully more exciting than mine) New Years! And as always- may your best day of 2013 be equal to your worst day of 2014!