Thursday, November 7, 2013

Things I Love: Books

I absolutely cannot contain my excitement!

This Saturday is my yearly 90% off BOOK SALE!!

So there is a book publisher in my hometown. And every year they have a huge sale. But its invitation only. Luckily my mother works for the public school system in the county- and of course School Teachers and Administrators are at the top of the list for admission tickets. And since my mom knows everyone in the school system (shes worked multiple jobs in the system for 25ish years) people will grab up extra tickets from people who dont want them or are going to be out of town to give them to my mom for her and for me! (Because since they all know her- they also all know me and Love me of course because how could you not!? lol).
So every year we stand in the cold for 30 mins or so and then the craziness begins! Its the one time a year when I willingly deal with obnoxious people and large crowds. Luckily I am also quite petite- so instead of standing in a line and working through the tables like everyone else and being held up by slowpokes- i can jump in and out of the line and get through much more quickly (MWA HAHAHA!).

It looks something like this only a whole warehouse- except all the people carrying large bags and even suitcases

Its miserable for that hour and a half or so that youre given to go through everything- but Oh So Very Worth It! Think about it- 90% means $2.50-ish for a hardback book! Those are like used book prices on amazon- with the added benefit of no shipping charge! and better than most kindle book prices! Plus $0.50 for kids books and only 1.50-ish for paperbacks! Which means I end up with 15-20 books for somewhere between $30-40!! Serious its like heaven- even with the crowds (and those who know me know I despise crowds). 

MBM may harass me occasionally about having too many clothes or shoes. But never once has he said I have too many books or dont need to buy more- even if I do have about 50+ sitting on my shelves that havent been read yet. Which is yet another reason I love him so much. My goal is to have a library in our house one day. (it can be a library/office if thats my only option). 

My only problem is that I currently dont have enough shelves for anymore books....