Friday, October 18, 2013

Friday Quick Takes V

How many months and Ive just now gotten to the 5th of these things? Whatever.

Caterer tasting got pushed back again. UGH Im getting so annoyed with them. Must repeat mantra- I will remain the almost to the point of laziness laid-back bride that I have been for the past 4 months. Second time the caterer has had to change our tasting. First time they screwed up and cooked  us food for a different couple- we got a free dinner out of it though. Then they asked me to rearrange my schedule so we could do it the following weekend and that no matter what- they would make it work because it was their screw up. I did, I emailed them that Tuesday saying we were on for Sunday, they called MBM at the last minute (Friday afternoon) to cancel because they had 5 weddings between Friday and Saturday to cater. Then they tried to reschedule for this weekend- I was not changing my plans for them again though- especially when said plans are our required Pre-Cana engagement conference- which is gonna suck- BUT is MANDATORY by the church for us to get married. So its the following weekend. All I have to say is --If anything happens to this appointment someone is going to get a taste of the rage I usually reserve for DC traffic.

Conference for the Engaged. Catholic engagement conference, in a liberal diocese. Being talked at all day by weird people, while surrounded by weird people all of whom who are fake friendly. An introvert's nightmare. Especially when her fiancee is an Extrovert who 1.  get annoyed when people fake their faith, 2. gets annoyed when people half-ass anything and 3.  actually enjoys speaking out- whether its regaling someone with a story or using his knowledge of classics and literature and faith and manipulation (I mean hell- he's in marketing of course he's good at manipulating people!) to prove that they dont know their head from their ass. Which to me means one thing.... people staring at me and expecting me to talk too. Can someone please find me a dark corner to crawl into?

Im a Lazy Bride. Yep. Ill admit it. Its funny cause I get into the flurries where I get a bunch of stuff done, and once thats complete Im like heck yes! now I can slack off for a couple weeks before I really need to work on anything else! Its like my goal in life- you mean I dont have anything that has to be done except laundry, dishes and going to work!? Score that means I can watch all my DVRed movies and read and be lazy for the rest of the month. OOOPS now I have to be crazy and get a bunch more stuff done in the next week- Procrastination at it's finest. Hence the reason I only got addresses from people the week before save the dates when out. And why my 1st grade BFF and bridesmaid MWH organized all the girls and set up and appointment for us to all go for them to try on dresses. I think part of is the age im at. Im almost 30- the thirties are kinda the age of contentment. Im not a young bride who has unrealistic expectations or an older bride who feels like theyve been waiting for this moment forever. The other part is the introvertedness- I feel awkward asking people to do things for me. Im not used to or really ok with being the center of attention. I maybe lazy- but at least im not a bridezilla!

Job Search takes another twist. So I had an initial interview for the company in Blacksburg yes. I thought I bombed it, but they emailed me yesterday to ask about salary requirements, so maybe I wasnt that bad. But anyway- moving on- because eggs in one basket and cart before the horse and lots more cliches.... We've decided that maybe expanding the job search wouldnt be a bad idea. We Love Virginia. Its been our home for a long time. But MBM has lived in lots of other places, and Ive sorta always wanted to. I also sorta see the DMV (nickname for the DC/MD/VA metro area FYI) taking over- urban sprawl heading further and further south. And I dont want to be any part of it. We had already agreed that I would look in North Carolina for jobs as well- but I think we've decided to expand the search even further- SC and GA as well as the real south- just as long as it's outside of tornado alley- definitely to include parts of TX. (Maybe TN, KY, AL, MS, AR, OK?? We havent really talked about any of that other than those first three specifically). Anyone have any connections in those states for Molecular/Cellular Biology Research??

Life? Do I even have one anymore? My life revolves around working, (occasional hectic) wedding planning, (constant) job searching, and driving between Arlington and Richmond (minimum 5 hours wasted each weekend). At least thats how it seems these days. MBM and I havent been to the movies in ages, or just gone out to a park or a festival or anything of the like thats purely for enjoyment. I think all of this stuff is why im so lazy on those in between days. It also doesnt help that my roommate is practically a hermit- he spends all evening in his room playing video games except the 45 minutes he comes out to cook and eat dinner. I miss having people to talk to! My only interaction with people other than MBM is when I talk to PAL, JC or the boys (our post-docs) and then I always feel guilty because Im wasting time that I should be spending on my work. Ill be happy when MBM and I can settle into a semblance of real life again and have dates with each other and other couples.

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