Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Quick Takes IV

1. Caterer tasting this weekend!
          The big decisions are Seared Tuna versus Crab stuffed Shrimp and Beef Wellington versus Sliced Sirloin with a choice of sauce (Bourbon, Merlot reduction, Mushroom Demi-glace, or Mango salsa) and which 2 sauces to pick for the chicken dish: Mango Salsa, Lemon sauce, Basil hollandaise, SoCo BBQ, Jamaican jerk, Marinara, Teriyaki or Bourbon sauce. It all sounds so good!

2. Save the Dates!
          Went out Wednesday! I'm so excited and can't wait for everyone to see them! Just give us a day or two before seriously perusing the website... its still in progress lol.

3. Pre-Registry planning
          So. M & I have no idea what each other has for our future home together. Meaning we need to put together a list of what we have/ what we need before we can start the fun of registering. Registering being fun... listing all your crap- not so fun. The only thing worse than listing your crap is packing it- which we'll both be doing in the near future as well. 6.5 years in NoVa- lived in 5 different places. Im a pro at this by now- doesnt mean it doesnt suck.

4. Have I mentioned how great is is that Im finally doing BIO stuff at work again instead of just chemistry!
          Chemistry is kinda boring to me.... especially surface chemistry- you sit around alot waiting for things to happen. When you get to the bio part of what im doing its quite a bit more interesting. watching electronic signals based on DNA and protein binding, or when you finally see microparticle binding after spending weeks trying different methods to try and bind together neutravidin, anthrax spores, phage, biotin, microparticles. But even more interesting is the cell work ive been doing. Below- Mesenchymal stem cells grown on the Zinc Selenide.

5. One of my my office mates is going to be on Jeopardy! (Again)
          For anyone who watches this regularly- Keith Whitener was on the most recent Jeopardy tournament of champions. (His second appearance after winning 7x in the regular season). He just told us yesterday that Jeopardy is doing a 'tournament of the decades' to include winners from recent through the 80s. He works in the same group as me here in Chemistry division at NRL!- although he's more of what you think of when someone says theyre a chemist- beakers bubbling and such lol. (Im not a chemist in the slightest misunderstanding of the word).
          Also, one of my former professors from Grad School at Johns Hopkins- Mark Lowenthal is going to be on it as well! Its cool to me because I have a binder full of his lectures and one of his books on intelligence sitting on a shelf in my office!

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