Thursday, September 26, 2013

Choosing a Wedding Photographer

I'm gonna start out by saying- I am completely In Love with our wedding photographer.

But how do you find a photographer that will make you completely comfortable and who will take the best pictures of you in the style you want?

I only talked to one photographer. Once I found Megan Vaughn's site I was dead set on having her photograph our wedding. But how and why?

  • I started out by price shopping.... I know, I know- horrible, horrible, very bad, shame on me.
  • BUT I started out price shopping and knowing that photography was one of the big things I was definitely willing to splurge on. (especially after seeing the 'budget' photographer's pictures from my cousin's wedding).
  • Step 1- decide what style of photography you like, Important note- decide what style you like that will also best reflect you and your fiancee and will best capture the style of your wedding.
        • Megan's got this natural, vintage-y feel to a lot of her pictures, which is perfect for us since we're country kids with more of a traditional outlook on life.
  • Step 2- Read Reviews!! These will give you the best idea of what it will be like to work with this person, and how the experience went for others. Important note- Specifically look for and read any bad reviews (you're gonna have to go searching around the web to find these obviously)- you want and need to know what issues people may have had with this person before hiring them; then you can decide if the reviewers expectations were too high, if the negatives were something that wouldn't bother you, or if the negatives are something important to you and that you should go in another direction.
        • I couldn't find a single bad thing about our photographer anywhere on the web!
  • Step 3- Read their 'About Me' section! Here is where you can start to see if your personalities will mesh!
        • I Loved our photographer's about me. She did a wonderful job of capturing her personality and the dedication she has to her art. She talks about how she loves becoming friends with her couples, how she'll refer to your parents as mom & pop and how shell do whatever it takes to make it your perfect day and get your perfect pictures. Plus she despises onions too just like me! (super important when deciding on a photographer obviously) lol.
  • Step 4- Get opinions from those closest to you- your fiancee, your mother, your maid of honor, whomever you want- but especially your fiancee- you want him to be comfortable with the style and the personality of this person as well. 
        • M was non-committal, he liked her pictures, but I think he was nervous about the whole standing around having lots of pictures of him taken thing so until he experienced it he wouldn't be comfortable with anyone. Plus pictures aren't really that important to him.
  • Step 5- MEET THEM!! 
        • Megan was in Texas after we started emailing, so instead of meeting in person, we set up a Skype date! After she apologized for the deer heads on the wall, we talked wedding details, and I think she was more excited about the wedding than I was by the end of the conversation. But I was super excited and more sure than ever that she was the perfect photographer for us!
Then of course comes the ever important first shoot! Our wedding package included engagement pictures and everything I had read said it was a great way to get to know your photographer and to get comfortable with the way they work.
Megan brought her husband along with the trip, which was great- he spent the afternoon lugging around my purse and the victoria's secret bag that I used to hold my outfit change along with Megan's camera bag. He was a great sport about it and even posed for a couple pictures with 'his bags' which was amazing. He also got a great instagram shot of Megan working.

By the end of the day we were all chatting about food, animals, family- like friends. It was a fantastic experience. AND! M was just as excited about having her photograph our wedding as I had been from the beginning! The very next day she posted a sneak peak online for us and we had the link to our gallery less than a week later!! Here are a couple of my favorites! (So hard to choose favorites- she got so many cute pictures).

I'm so happy I came across her photography site and cant wait to see the amazing job I know she is going to do with our wedding photos!!

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