Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Quick Takes III

Look! I'm actually writing one of these things on a Friday!!
(Cause furloughs are over so I have to work these days again- Yay/Boo/IDK).

1. 4Runner!
Yep we did it. We bought me a new car last Saturday. A 2011 Toyota 4Runner. Shes huge compared to my VW, but Shes so pretty- Im thinking about naming her Persephone; M always jokes around around and calls me "Calliope, Goddess of the Storm Chariot"- so I thought I should give her the name of a Greek Goddess. My brother and I were laughing cause we both now have toyotas... and they're the same color. M is in LOVE with it. I think he was more excited about me buying it, and to show it off to everyone than I was.

2.  Caterer and DJ
More wedding vendor shopping this weekend! We've found a Caterer that can do exactly what we want for the rehearsal and reception within our price range, we just have to meet with them and make sure they match up with our expectations. Same with the DJ- gotta make sure his style meshes with our own and that he can fit well with the type of music we want and the style of our event. As long as everything goes well Sunday it means I've really only got the florist left in terms of vendors to hire! So excited that the big stuff is finally coming together and soon we can focus on the fun little details!

3. Mothers
Our mothers are driving us crazy. They're trying to figure out what to wear for the wedding, but keep asking us what the other person is wearing. His mom doesn't want to step on my mom's toes by being dressed fancier, but my mom wants them to be dressed similarly in terms of formality so she wants to know what his mom is thinking about wearing. UGH!

A Typical Conversation:
"should I wear this one, or that one?
I have a grey one, but should I match the bridal party a little or not? 
I don't want to look TOO different ... if I don't match.
is green ok?"

So yea. Driving Us Crazy! Seriously- How do you people handle your mothers!? Or were you lucky and just had nice normal decisive/opinionated women in your family!?

4. Engagement Pictures!
Next Friday! So excited to work with Megan Vaughn to do our pictures. The one thing we have planned is to do some pictures while playing pool. Like These beautiful pictures by Jason Kaczorowski.
Other than that.... Maybe some pictures on a patio, or with some cool city scapes? Megan sent me this yesterday- which is gorgeous. I have no idea where in the city it is though... Although M is more familiar with Richmond so maybe he does.

5. Chapel Veils
So I bought my first chapel veil and received it in the mail a couple days ago. Its beautiful burgundy lace with dots and a nice floral-ish (but not too floral) border. Handmade by a lovely woman in Canada.

We attend the Latin version of the Mass (aka Tridentine) at either Saint John the Beloved in McLean VA or Saint Josephs in Richmond VA, and the large majority of women at both Parishes from young girls to teenagers to women and mothers all the way to the elderly wear chapel veils for Mass. It is traditional for women to veil because their hair is something of vanity, and in the presence of God our focus should be on Him instead of how we look. Im really nervous about wearing it though. Are people going to say something about it or ask me why i suddenly decided to wear one? Are they going to think its weird cause the large majority wear white or black?
I guess the truth of the matter is that I shouldnt care. Most women in our parishes wear them, and everything Ive read says they do actually make you feel more reverent and more focused on the Liturgy. So nerves or not, I am going to start wearing a veil to Mass starting this Sunday. 

Kinda funny that I was considering not wearing a veil for my wedding- considering we're having a full Mass, but wanted to start wearing one for Sunday Mass. (I have since decided I am going to wear one for the wedding).

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