Monday, August 19, 2013

Being an Adult: Cars

So Ive always liked cars. I enjoy speeding and windy roads and lots of wind in your face.
Hence the fact that for the last 6 years I have owned sports cars.

After a boring high school and college lethargy in old 4 cylinder sedans with lots of miles I finally got to upgrade as a college graduation present!
My choices were a "new" used car, or I take my mothers car and she got a new car. I went with option 2 because well- my mother drove an adorable 2.5 door sporty looking 2002 Saturn SC1.
SO pretty!

Well tragedy befell my pretty little car on the Memorial day Holiday of 2009 less than 3 years after I official took possession.
So I took that opportunity to advance my fast and fun obsession. I could finally afford to buy myself something decently nice and I ran with it. All the way to my first choice (In my opinion the only choice). A hard-top convertible with a nice little 2.0L turbo. My Beautiful Roxie the 2007 Volkswagen Eos.

I Love my VW*. I even managed to pay her off a year and a half early.
* I love her when shes not having issues, being involved in hit-and-runs or being stolen.

MBM and I are getting Married early next year. And we want kids. Since we'll be 30 and 31 the month after we get married, were not really gonna wait all that long to start. And while I joke that Ill have to put the top down on my convertible to get a car seat into it, reviews online say they dont fit correctly or safely in the back seat because of the design. And VW wants me to put almost $2K into this car within 6 months.

So it seems my sports car days may need to be over for the meantime? Being an adult apparently means having a car that you can fit children in safely (and that would be a little safer if God forbid I had a major accident).
Good thing I also like Trucks and SUVs. I can justify giving up the convertible- but not the speed. Goodbye Turbo (and the premium gas and synthetic oil you require) Hello V6!

Car shopping starts this afternoon! Any Advice??

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