Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Too Much Work

Yep. Call me cynical and a bit of a downer- but im gonna admit it here and now.

Wedding Planning is Too Much Work! (and too frekin expensive).
(oh btw- MBM & I got engaged... I guess Ill write a blog post about it at some point).

Maybe once we get done with the basic things- church & reception locales, it'll be more fun.... or maybe Ill just continue to harp about the cost of everything (seriously 3-10K+ for a venue alone which includes nothing except chairs and tables???! wtf.) We're trying to come in at a reasonable budget here and by reasonable we still mean far below the "so-called national average".

So we've pretty much got the church set. If by set you mean they were supposed to send us paperwork a week and a half ago and we just found out it got sent yesterday- and the woman is insisting upon using snail mail. She says the date is on hold for us til early August though and she'll call before she makes it available again Yay nice catholic women!- she also says its not a popular date- Yay Us!

Saint Benedict's Catholic Church: Richmond VA

The official date of course we're holding off on announcing til we make sure one of the reception venues is going to work (but think EARLY March). Which is another hassle- the woman telling us its open and then next time we call "oh i forgot someone mentioned having a meeting with some group on that day but said they might change it to the next weekend, but i have to check with them before I can let you have it if you like it"..... So we're going this weekend to look at 3 different places. The Rockville Center, Hanover Arts Center and The Tobacco Company (which is likely way out of our price range thanks to the food aspect, but we figured wed check it out anyway).

Ive been looking at dresses for me, and for my girls- who btw I havent asked yet, and photographers and caterers, we talked about colors but nothing about flowers or decor or theme much less the details, doing engagement pictures but we have no idea what to do for them.... and of course I joined the knot specifically for their checklist of 'things to do' and holy wow im so overwhelmed.

Oh and you wanna make things even more fun!?!? Government Furloughs!!
So the government has decided that because of the sequester cuts (Thanks alot Mr.President) employees have to take 11 days off unpaid before October 1.
Luckily I work for a contractor, and since our contract is already paid through the end of the fiscal year, we can still work our 40 hours..... Only 1 problem- because federal employees cant work theyve decided the best option is completely closing our facilities on Fridays. So we have to work 4- 10hr days instead of 5- 8hr days to be able to get our time in for 3 full months. Which means my schedule is now wake up at 4:30, hour to get ready, 30 mins to drive to work- at work by 6, short lunch around 11, work til 4:30, 45ish min drive home in traffic (yea it really does take that long to go less than 10 miles), an hour to exercise/read/relax then its 6:30- time to cook dinner, dinner by 7-7:30, MBM calls around 7:30 and we talk til about 9ish, 30 mins to get ready for bed, in bed by 10 which means I get a max of 6.5 hrs sleep (NOT ENOUGH!). So I have all of about an hour to do anything during the day.

Yep thats super helpful for trying to plan a wedding.

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