Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday Quick Takes

One of the bloggers I follow does 7 quick takes of her week each Friday. Since I havent been good about keeping people up to date about my life, I thought it would be a good thing to pick up... Although Im not going to try and do 7 each week because lets face it- some of my weeks are quite boring.

May 31st 2013

Headed to the Greek Festival this weekend!
One of the things that's been knocking around in my head for the last few months is the idea that somehow with my conversion to Catholicism that I will lose some of my identity as a Greek. I know one thing has nothing to do with the other, but heck I already dont look like either of my major cultural groups (Greek and Native American). So I feel like it needs to be supplemented in other manners. I think Food and Art and Jewelry sound like a good way to do that lol! MBM and I are headed to the big festival in Richmond this weekend with my Mom, my Aunt and Uncle and our two of our close friends.

Finally some real Biology at Work!
As I mentioned in a post in January I transferred over to the Chemistry division at work. What I may not have mentioned is that well.... its kinda boring. The research is adding biology to nanoscience and surface chemistry projects as a way to make detectors for potential bioterror agents. Sounds really cool right!?!? Well in practice its really just running the same assay over and over again- and alot of downtime with trying to get the equipment we developed to behave. Oh the joys of DIY in science. BUT as of today the other biologist is our group is leaving for another position. So I get to pick up her cell biology work! Putting stem cells down on toxic surfaces and seeing if/how they grow- then hopefully altering the surfaces to show them growing and differentiating in a healthy manner. So I think its very apropos that todays google doodle is honoring Richard Petri- who invented the Petri dish! Check it out!

I'm so Sad about what's happening in my Hometown
In the past two weeks there have been three arrests of people who work within the school system. As a product of the Orange County public school system, the Daughter of a School Board employee, and a former OCPS employee myself I am absolutely horrified by the news of a substitute arrested for assault of 6 students, a teacher arrested for child pornogrpahy and a bus driver arrested on child sex charges. Orange always seemed isolated from the real world when I was a child there. We were always behind the times in music, fashion, everything we thought mattered when we were kids. I guess its the rise of the global internet age, but now were right smack dab in the middle of all the terrible things that are common place in todays society along with everyone else. It makes me sad, because I liked to think I would always be able to go back to Orange to escape from the real world.

My friend from work had a sweet little baby Boy!
PAL is already the mother to two beautiful, amazing little girls and now she and her husband have added a beautiful little boy to the brood. She's had one of the hardest pregnancies Ive ever heard of, and its not out of the ordinary for her. After having placenta previa plus some minor pre-eclampsia with both of the girls, major time on bedrest throughout both of the those pregnancies and two preemies (31wks and 34wks) she certainly wasnt expecting to have a perfect time of it. After another bout of previa, worries of placental accreta/increta/percreta- which turned out to be the exact opposite- placental abruption, contractions starting at week 25 and finally a delivery at 31 weeks gestation on Wednesday- and I can certainly say that her friends now have a significant amount more grey hair, but her family has grown to include a really precious little boy. 3lbs 9.8oz, 16 3/4 in. Docs say he'll be in the NICU for 4-5 weeks, but that hes doing pretty well. She has certainly been blessed, and I continue to pray for their family. Happy Birthday Baby ASL, Congratulations Mommy, Daddy and Big sisters K&J! I can't wait to meet him!

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