Tuesday, January 15, 2013


Ive always felt that New Years Resolutions were wishful thinking.

Im going to lose weight... Im going to exercise more... Im going to eat healthier... Im going to quit smoking... drink less coffee... stop swearing.... and on and on and on.

Well you know what- Im not really gonna put more effort into any of those things than I have in the past. Im going to exercise alot in fits and spurts, maybe ill lose weight, maybe ill just stay in the same place ive been since I graduated college. Ill eat healthy right after I go to the grocery store- then two weeks later when im avoiding going again cause its rainy and gross or really cold and I hate going to the store when its gross outside- then ill be back to whatever I can throw together- lots of soup and rice and potatoes. I dont smoke, but there's not a ice cube's chance in Hell that youre getting me to give up coffee- I did it once for Lent and I was a miserable person.

After 28 and 3/4 years I can easily say that I know myself better than to think that I would ever be able to stick with any of the typical resolutions. Im sorry but this time of the year there are way too many people in the gym, the grocery store etc.. etc.. trying to do the same damn thing. And if theres one thing thats going to dissuade me from doing something faster than any of the other inconveniences, its being surrounded by lots of obnoxious people who have disillusioned themselves into thinking 'this is the year i'm actually gonna stick with it'.

So this year Ive decided my resolution will be something Im already pretty good at (so I can't fail)- but I could always be better. Something that does not extend my interactions with ridiculous people!

My resolution for 2013 is to save more money.

(My driving force here is that I hope to be planning a wedding and buying a house within the next year or so! We've certainly talked about it in detail.)

As of 01/10/13 I have absolutely no debt.
College and Grad school have been paid off for quite some time (Im lucky enough to have had work pay for graduate school). And I sent in my last car payments on the 10th. I have nothing that I really need or want at this time and my boyfriend is moving back to VA so I no longer will be spending money on plane tickets. Which means I should be able to put all of that money I was spending on those bills and tickets towards savings. My goal is at least $500/ month and on the more hopeful side-- Id like to make my final goal to be about 8-10K by the end of the year (figuring in bday, taxes and (hopefully) a bonus from work on top of the monthly additions- So far Ive gotten one each year at this job).

So there it is. A resolution I can actually keep, without much difficulty at all, that will benefit me greatly. Plus I get bonus points because I mentioned it to my Mother and she's decided to do the same thing!

Most people don't stick with their resolutions  because they dont make realistic goals. BUT to those of you who make the normal resolutions I wish you the best of luck.

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  1. Good luck! If you're looking for a basic money management program, I recommend Dave Ramsey's stuff. It's pretty easy to use and breaks down how to better save your money.