Thursday, January 24, 2013

700 Miles

The trek from Ferndale Michigan to Richmond Virginia is approximately 700 miles and according to Google takes just over 11 hours.

Thrown in 4 stops for gasoline and food and a quick 6 hours of trying to nap on and off at a hotel and we come to a grand total of about 20 hours to make the trip (12.5 hrs driving time).

We spent Saturday and Sunday packing the truck- luckily everything was already in boxes and we had a couple guys my boyfriend works with come over to help with the furniture. The boys got free beer and food for helping from One-Eyed Betty's in Ferndale. Fantastic place btw- check it out if youre ever in the area- theyve got a very large selection of beer, and great food.

We attended Mass at Assumption Grotto in Detroit for likely the last time (which maybe the most beautiful church Ive ever attended services at- plus they do the Tradition Latin rite which we love.) Then picked his mom up at the airport.

We left at about 8:30pm Sunday night and drove until 3:30 in the morning.

Adieu Detroit and Ferndale! (Its so much prettier in pictures than it is in real life)

One of the Happiest moments of the trip was getting out of Michigan!
Another was when we finally stopped for the night. 3:30 am- 7 hours of driving and we had made it to West Virginia; just a bit over halfway and officially on I64 which would take us the rest of the way on our trip! (Thank goodness for a warm bed and continental breakfast!)

I didnt realize it but my first grade best friend (who I unfortunately have not seen in years) lives in Charleston. Its a pretty place- we'll have to go back and visit her.

The Biggest Highlight other than arriving in Richmond was the appearance of this sign! So Happy to be back in Virginia!

And Finally 5.5 hours after beginning our second day of driving we arrived in Richmond! (Stock photo obviously). And proceeded to pass out on the couch for the remainder of the evening.

Tuesday- the coldest day so far this winter in VA was our unpacking day. So the three of us plus my boyfriend's best guy friend in the area spent all day from 10am-7pm moving things in, rearranging furniture and packing some stuff up in the attic for storage. Needless to say- were all exhausted.

Arriving in Richmond on Monday was probably one of the happiest moments Ive had in recent days. My boyfriend and I officially live in the same state!!! I could not be more giddy at the thought of getting to see him every weekend at minimum! (I know that may not seem like alot- but it's one hell of a jump up from one a month!).

In Other News.

My dad had his back surgery for the bulging disk on Monday while we were driving. While I was a bit upset at not being able to be there with my family, this move had been planned for close to 2 months and his surgery got moved at the last minute about 2 weeks before this new date. My mom kept me updated though and I talked to him Monday evening. The doctor's said that everything went as planned, and he came home Tuesday morning. Now we just have to wait through the 3 weeks of recovery time to see how much this helped him.


  1. so glad to hear your dad's surgery went well! I can only imagine how happy you are to have the bf finally in VA, YAY!! So random but my brother actually lives near your bf's old home! He's in Clinton Township and is doing his residency at St. Johns hospital! Crazy!!

  2. Thanks so much!! Wow that is crazy! Even more so being that I was in Clinton Twp this past June for a wedding!! Michigan really is a nice place in the summer, but its pretty soul-suckingly dreary in the winter (and those winters last alot longer up there).