Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Month of Fantastic News

Lets see if I can even remember all of the good news that myself and friends have gotten since the beginning of December.

1. Not great but certainly optimistic news- My dad is going ahead with the back surgery for his bulging disk. Neurosurgeon says 1 day in the hospital and 3 weeks of recovery. Im very optimistic about this helping him not be in pain all the time- everyone I know who has had it/ known someone who has says its like a miracle.

2. My friend from work is pregnant! She's had a couple tough pregnancies (her girls were born at ~32 and 34 wks) and was worried about whether or not she'd be able to have another kid. She's only about 9 wks, but the Neonatologist says she's doing fantastic and baby's heart beat is very strong and she even has a 50% chance of having a full term pregnancy!

3. Im officially Catholic. I did my profession of faith this past weekend- on the feast of the Immaculate Conception too which was pretty cool since my boyfriend credits his prayers to the Virgin Mary for us meeting and for my eventual conversion. It was a nice little recitation confirming my faith, and the sweetest thing happened afterwards. There was a young woman who just happened to be in the church reading and praying. She took pictures for us and afterwards she asked me who I was because she said she wanted to pray for me. Very very sweet considering I have no idea who she is. PS- kneeling on marble sucks! But I love Father Thompson- he's a fantastic priest, very enthusiastic, funny guy too.

4. Yearly Bonus from work!! I Love my company. The company was just as profitable this past year as in the past and they will be making the max contribution to our retirement profit sharing plans too! Also, our yearly Christmas party was this past weekend. The boyfriend was here for it and I had so much fun with my friends from work! We do one of those white elephant gift exchanges where you can steal presents- and mine was awesome! A Beryllium Erbium glass! Im such a science nerd.

5. A friend of mine from college (who is also my boyfriend's brother) who's also a veteran was having trouble finding a job- and he finally found a great one doing contract intelligence consulting! He's pretty excited about it from what I hear, and is even looking forward to another year in Afghanistan. He's been a little all over the place in the last year or so, and I'm hoping this will help him get back on track.

6. Work is taking a very interesting turn. People on site still don't have the funding to pay for me to work for them. So my boss has taken the initiative to steal me away from them. So I started today working at the corporate office-- helping my boss (Our company CEO) response to the requests for information and proposals for our government contracts. Suddenly it seems I've made the jump onto the corporate ladder.

And Last But Not Least- THE BEST POSSIBLE NEWS!!!!

7. My Boyfriend got a new job!! He's moving home to VA!! A month from next tuesday Ill be flying out to Detroit for the last time in the foreseeable future to help him finish packing, and then we will be driving home. He's gonna be living in Richmond at least for awhile, but 110 miles is a heck of a lot better that 525. 
So Happy, So Excited! 

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  1. that is so great about you bf moving closer! I'm sure you're happy for one last trip to Detroit! My older brother is doing his residency there and its always soo dreary and gross when I've visited haha!