Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thanksgiving (2 weeks early)

What Im Thankful for- 2012 version

Last year I did a post for Thanksgiving about all of the good things in my life because I was too focused on the bad. I was stuck in a rut of focusing on my hurt, pain and fear from the robbery. Ive come  a long way since then, but stress still gets to all of us, and especially around the holidays, I think its a fantastic time to put some serious thought into what we are all thankful for.

Its been a year and a half. Im still nervous when Im home alone, I cant walk through dark places by myself and I only go into DC if Im with people, and usually then only for dinner or hockey games. BUT Im getting better. I sleep through the night and dont jolt at every noise, Im not so skittish when strangers approach me and I can think and talk about it without getting upset.

My family is always there for me still, through everything I know I will always have their support. My cousins wedding was a beautiful success and my little cousin graduated from high school and is going to become a police officer! Grandma turned 80 this year- and although she seems to be picking up a bit of dementia, she is still as kinda and thoughtful as ever.

Work is stressful. But I have a job, and my boss cannot be beat. Im thankful for the opportunity and trust he has given me. For my lovely coworkers who keep me sane, and keep me laughing. And for my passion for learning and science, a field where I will constantly learn new things as they are developing (and actually be one of the people helping to develop those things!).

I have the best friends a girl could ask for. And my holidays will be full of special events and visits with them. Last weekend was a housewarming and deployment party for one of my college roommates and her husband. I also got the see additional college roommates and friends there, as well one of those other college roommate's adorable 2 year old. This weekend is one of my sorority sister's/ former roommate's baby shower! Her and her husband are going to be terrific parents and I am so unbelievably excited about the present I have put together for them and the little one!! (seriously- so excited its killing me that the shower isnt here yet!!).
My holiday schedule is so full Im not sure when Im going to have any down time, but Im so thankful for the good people in my life who want to share these events with me.  The following weekend after the shower is my little 'Nephew's' 3rd Birthday, and then comes and extended weekend for Thanksgiving. Following that I have my roommate's Birthday, then my X-mas party for work, A Free Weekend to rest before Christmas and then New Years! WOW! Its going to be an amazing 2 months.

I wrote the 2011 version of this the day before Thanksgiving. I never could have guessed that my world would be completely turned on its head (in a good way) only 5 days later. That was the day of the VT v. UVA football game. I was invited to go by a friend from college- Who would have guessed that many drinks, a successful skunking of the Cavaliers, a trip over a decorative wall/ almost broken hand later that I would be completely caught up in his older brother. On that Monday before, I would have laughed at the idea of a long distance relationship, but the 26th will be a year since we met and the 29th will be a year since we started talking on the phone every single night. And in that time we will have spent more than 530 hours talking on the phone and skype- when you total everything up thats over 3 full weeks! I am so thankful for him. Hes turned my life around. Im happier than Ive been since.... Ever? Well maybe not- but at least since I was a child and my life was free of the stress of relationships, and I reveled in the love of my family alone. Hell be here for Thanksgiving, My Christmas party, and Christmas, and is looking for jobs here in VA now. I couldnt be happier or more thankful.

Lastly, but certainly not least. I am so thankful for my entry into the Catholic Church. Now I dont want to become one of those crazy religious people- who is constantly quoting scripture and talking to people about God. Thats just not me. But the Church has really gotten me back on track, and being a part of it is thanks to my lovely nagging boyfriend lol. I had alot of baggage from life and relationships, but through the Church, I have found forgiveness. And not just- the priest says your forgiven so you are, But the Real reflection on my mistakes and the true ability through this and confession with a priest to actually forgive myself for those things as well.

Its amazing when you sit there and actually think about it, how much there is to be thankful for. So many things, and not a single one of them is an object. Its all about people and feelings. Sometimes I worry younger generations more and more are not focusing on this, but Im thankful that I can see and experience the beauty in a life lived for people and events instead of for money and goods.

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  1. beautiful post! So much to be thankful for in life, makes it hard to dwell on the negative.

    ALSO, I nominated you for a Liebster Award! Check out my page for more info :)