Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Three of the most important things- Football, Relationships and Sororities- OR my weekend in a nutshell

AH! YAY! Hokie Football started yesterday!! (unfortunately I didnt get to watch cause I was on a plane back to DCA from DTW). But YAY! Fall has definitely become my favorite season over the years (it used to be spring when i was younger). But fall has way better weather, I adore fall colors and college football and lots of holidays coming up! 
When I went to bed last night we were faltering, but when I woke up we had won! 20-17 so obviously it wasnt pretty considering we played GT who is currently unranked, but I dont care. Plus the winner of the VT v GT game has always gone to the conference championship!

The weekend in Michigan was fantastic. Ive really been feeling down recently about not getting to see my boyfriend, especially in the wake of having to refuse the job in Ann Arbor that I was offered. The long distance thing is especially hard when you have no idea when it might end. But we had an absolutely terrific time together as usual, and he will be coming out to VA in just about 3 weeks to visit me (and watch some Hokie Football in DC!).
We had each bought each other presents as well for the heck of it and it was exciting to be able to give each other something in person for a change and see their reaction. He had sent me a movie and some music earlier in the week, but had also gotten me a book to give me in person. Its a collection of Jane Austen novels (because he loves classics and knows I love the movies and have always wanted to read the stories) and was beautifully bound with gilded pages. It ridiculously huge, but I cannot wait to read from it. I got him a monogrammed cigarette case- which he was pretty much enthralled with. I wasnt sure if it was anything he would want/ if it was really practical to use, but he immediately showed it to everyone he knew when we saw them so id say it was a pretty big hit which I was super happy about!

Also, I found out this weekend that I get to be a Pearl Sister for the new Alpha Gamma Delta colonization at the University of South Carolina! I have some friends who have done this before and said it was a fantastic experience and I cannot wait to help the new sisters in any way that I can- even if its just getting them even more excited about this experience! I really havent had the time to do anything with the sorority alumni groups or anything so I am really looking forward to this! And speaking of alumni groups- my former roommate is the new VP for our local one, and now that I have time- and her effort to keep me in the loop about when things are happening, I am going to try to be better about that as well! I really look forward to connecting with more sisters.


  1. Whoot! I'm going to a USC Pearl Sister, too. Manisha and I were talking about how we need to get a Theta Chi reunion planned.

  2. YAY! Its so exciting! I absolutely agree, a reunion in the near future is a must. I know a few emails went around a little while ago, but nothing was ever decided, I guess a few people just need to make a decision and put it out there.