Monday, July 23, 2012


SO.... Big News!

Saturday night (~10:10pm) I got an email from a professor at the University of Michigan!! (Yes I agree its kinda rando that he emailed me so late on a Saturday night). BUT OMGosh I'm so excited!

Sometime in early August I will have an interview for a Senior laboratory research position at UofM Medical School doing Molecular Evolution of Viral Pathogenesis research! (in laymans terms- how viruses have developed over time to cause infections). Infectious diseases and diagnostics research has always been some of my favorite- I just find it completely fascinating.

I'm already heading out to Detroit to visit the boyfriend August 9-13th so I told him id be available to meet in person then, but also that We can do a phone interview at any point if he'd prefer to do things that way or as a preliminary chat before meeting when I'm out there. (He's on vacation 'til August 1).

Its been over 5 years since I've had an interview- I'm a little nervous. But at least I have a little time to do my research- I've already printed out his published papers from the last couple years to read through and get a better idea for the type of research he's doing and have good questions to ask- interviewers supposedly love that (plus I'm super interested to find out myself!).
The only other thing I'm nervous about is the money and benefits. I just got a decent raise which also included a jump in my vacation time as well. Luckily cost of living in MI compared with NoVA is like 35% less (but that doesn't mean I'm willing to take a 35% drop in salary obviously- considering I'm not making enough to get by on my own as it is here).
Plus I'd love to be able to buy a house considering how cheap things are out there and I know the boyfriend and I will be there for a good while. AND Ill need money for driving back and forth- the job is in Ann Arbor which is about 50 mins away from his little township outside of Detroit. I have a feeling well both be back and forth a lot. (Which is another thought- Im not so sure how well my Roxie would handle Michigan winters.... a different car might have to be in the works as well).

But enough of worries for now- I just want to be super excited about it for awhile until I find out for sure if I would get the job and what the monetary offer is. So at least I get a couple weeks of excitement! And whether or not this works out- I'm making progress and I'm on the right track!

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