Thursday, June 21, 2012

It has begun

Im not announcing this on facebook or anything yet although a few friends know, but I figured im pretty safe writing my own thoughts here since no one reads this anyway.

Ive started looking for/ applying for jobs in Michigan. EEEPPP!

Oh my gosh this is nerve racking.
Will my boss hate me for leaving? Will I be able to find something? Will I find a great job and then the economy gets worse and they have to lay people off? Will I be safe? Will my parents support my decision? Am I really ready for this next stage of my life? (moving indicates marriage and children in the near future). Will I be able to deal with being so far from home- and on top of that a place thats cold? (I hate cold, but seriously the 100 degrees plus humidity in DC this week is definitely a case for moving). Will I have to get a new car? (my Convertible isnt exactly snow-friendly). Will I be able to handle the debt ill likely rack up? (getting married, buying/furnishing a house- likely in the opposite order that I typed).

On the other hand- I am SO excited.
Ill get to see him more than once a month or so. Ive been at my job for 5 years and am so ready for a change and more responsibilities. I really want out of the DC area, and I have very few attachments other than nearby family keeping me here. 35% lower cost of living! Meeting lots of great new people. And seriously, this sexual frustration thing is killing me- I seriously need to get married so I dont have to deal with it anymore! (the only real downside ive found so far of being catholic).

Meanwhile- im headed out there this weekend for his coworker's wedding. I have an amazing dress (3 actually- one for each day ill be there), the ceremony is at his church which is the most beautiful church ive ever attended services at and of course 3 full days with him- dinner and movies, wedding, mass, reception and dancing!, cuddling on the couch, playing pool, swimming. I couldnt think of a better way to spend the time.
And the following weekend Im headed to the Outer Banks of North Carolina with my parents for vacation and then another weekend later he'll be here and we'll be staying on an old farm with all his extended family to celebrate his Grandmother's 80th birthday!
Seeing him twice within a couple weeks is going to spoil me a bit, and definitely going to cement my decision to move.