Monday, May 14, 2012

A forgotten Anniversary

This maybe the only time that forgetting an anniversary is actually a good thing!

May 10th- this past Thursday- was the Anniversary of my robbery. Luckily I was in Richmond- far away from any reminders of the event, and with my boyfriend. I didnt even remember that it was 1 year ago until today. I think this is a pretty big step for me since Ive been dreading it over the past few weeks.

The boy and I went to Maymont park that day. It was beautiful just walking through the gardens together. We were both exhausted from being up late since we went to game 6 of the Capitals V. Rangers NHL semifinals, so it was nice to do something so relaxing just by ourselves. That night we went out with one of his friends and his mom to see the Avengers (Which was awesome- btw!)

Wednesday through Sunday morning we were in Richmond staying with his mother. I even slept in a room with the blinds wide open without waking at every strange sound. I think that really says something about needing supportive people around me and also needing to get out of the city. Its amazing how calm I was every night in Both OC and Ric over the past weeks vacation. A combination of him being here with me and me being more relaxed after getting out of places that always remind me of crime.

Hes back in Detroit now... to my chagrin. I have to survive on phone calls, skype and memories again. Luckily we have alot more wonderful memories from the past week- we fit in so many things- My cousin's wedding (all of my family loved him), the Bmore Aquarium, his brothers baseball games, movies, Hockey, playing Quelf (awesome game- def check it out), quarters and pool, Maymont park, Church, and all of the little moments of just doing everyday little things together. And this time- its less than 2 months til I see him again! :)
And in 12 days an 'anniversary' of a different sort- one that definitely will be remembered. 6 months since I met him in Charlottesville VA at the Virginia Tech/UVA football game.

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