Monday, March 12, 2012

Bad News, Good News

Bad News... still too freaked out to walk two blocks and through a parking garage by myself to get back to my car from dinner.
Although I think its the fault of my roommates girlfriend- she posted a link on facebook about crime stats in Arlington- which included multiple things about girls being robbed late at night cause they were walking by themselves.

Good News... I have great friends who are willing to help me through this- by walking with me and not making a big deal out of me inconveniencing them.

More Good News... Despite the deadbolt on our apartment door being broken (which freaked me out more than a bit) and only had the extra little swing latch (like hotels have) closed- I managed to fall asleep both nights without too much worry/trouble (as soon as my neighbors stopped slamming doors that is). AND Its now fixed- so I can stop worrying!

Even Better News... Best weekend Ive had in quite some time. Dinner with some of my favorite girls- who are fellow Hokies and sorority sisters of mine Friday night, amazing Brunch with my the best ever former roommates Sunday- and making tentative plans for brunch/lunch/dinner/drinks/ whatever we can fit into the schedule with both groups for when my favorite dashing news anchor visits from Detroit in May (im pretty excited for my friends to meet him!).

One last comment.... Long distance relationships are miserably hard. I miss him all the time. But every second on the phone or skype lifts my heart in a way that nothing and no-one ever has before. Nothing worth having is ever easy and nothing easy is ever worth having. I survive day to day on the knowledge that this is making our relationship stronger, Ill get to talk to him every evening and Ill see him again soon (Only a month and a half left to go!!).

In the mean time I really should channel my pent up emotional energy into something constructive- like my Thesis. LOL.

Friday, March 2, 2012

Home Alone

Why is it that being at home by myself has always freaked me out?

My roommate has been gone all week- on a business trip. And each successive day this week I have gotten more and more paranoid about someone breaking into our apartment while im there by myself.
I have no trouble coming home in the middle of the day and taking a nap on the couch- but the sun goes down and I get in bed and every little noise- a door closing in the hallway or my upstairs neighbors stomping around in their apartment jars my overactive imagination- and heaven help if I happen to wake up in the middle of the night- itll be an hour before I manage to get back to sleep.

It got so bad last night I seriously considered starting to stay down at my parents house whenever my roommates away.... I even for a moment considered moving back down to my hometown when my lease is up (My parents would love this- I would hate it!). I know both of these options would only perpetuate my fear however and I need to get over it- I need to figure out something so that I stop getting freaked out all of the time.
I keep thinking I should sleep with headphones in or play soft classical music- but then my head interferes and says "no id rather know if something was coming rather than to be suddenly jarred awake by the breaking down of my bedroom door. (Seriously im way too over dramatic). I dont know what to do... luckily my roommate will be home soon and Ill have a little bit of time to mull things over.