Sunday, February 26, 2012


44. According to the boy thats the number of murders that have already occurred in Detroit since ringing in the New Year.... By comparison DC (which we already know I'm deathly afraid of) has only had 12. Now I'm scared for him as well.
He reminds me this is in downtown Detroit, not his little suburban township. Im still scared.

It also makes me worry about what might happen in the future. We've talked about it a little bit. If things are still going as strongly in a years time as they are now, will I move there?
As long as he can do so he can and should continue at his current job. They are providing a wonderful service connecting/informing and keeping up-to-date, Catholics with the truth of their faith. An admirable mission. Heck- Im not even worried about moving halfway across the country for a boy and it not working out. Im worried about life- making a living and being safe while doing so.
I would be giving up my wonderful job with an amazing company. I could not ask or hope for a better boss, and I know the cost-of-living difference between DC and MI would likely mean a drop in my salary. The money thing frightens me especially considering he does not make a lot considering its a religious based organization and a growing but still rather small company. Making a living in a state that is struggling- after living in a place that has pretty much felt almost no effects from the recession is troubling. Plus biotech/defense and national/global security are not exactly priorities for a state thats in the middle of the country. (Unless the Canadians decide to revolt! LOL).
But even more I'm scared of the area in general. Detroit and nearby Flint are both in the top 20 list of most dangerous cities for violent crime in the country based on 2011 statistics. DC is not- yet I'm still frightened of it.

Will I be able to give a new place a fresh start and leave the traumatic experience tied to the location at which it happened? Or will the fall from my ivory tower forever mar my ability to trust- whether its people or places.

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