Monday, November 21, 2011

What Im Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving!

Its been just over 6 months since my life changed and I think the meaning of Thanksgiving is hitting harder this year than ever before. I am enthusiastically looking forward to going home and visiting family. The smell of turkey and stuffing and baked apples. Were continuing our new tradition of a Turkey-day evening movie, and I cant wait to see all the family, to gossip with my cousin about her wedding ideas and to spend a rousing Saturday afternoon watching my Hokies take on the Cavaliers of UVA to win our division of the ACC and head to the conference championship game.
Despite all that I lost back in May, it has made me so much more thankful for what I still have. I have my health, I have a wonderful job that I enjoy, I have school thats going well and keeps my mind stimulated. I have my Roxie, safe and sound after her kidnapping and trip to the DC crime lab. I have the world most wonderful friends, who have been and continue to be so caring and compassionate in my times of greatest need.
I have the best family a girl could ask for. A mother to have long winded conversation, to cook and go shopping with and that I know will always be there and always love me no matter what I do- good or bad. A father who I can have a serious current event chat with, or go crazy have a few drinks and make silly jokes with, the one who taught me to drive and took me out thieving corn on the cob 'for the halibut'. A man who aches everytime he sees his little girl sad, rejoices in her victories (and wishes shed gotten a better look at the attackers so he could lead the posse to hunt them down) and along with my mother, has always sheltered and protected me. A big brother to stick up for me, to fight with occasionally, to laugh and joke and play games with and to confide in when life is going all crazy. Aunts and Uncles and a Grandmother who are always there to share a smile, pile on the compliments and make everything that much sweeter. Lots of cousins to give and receive advice and share our ups and downs with, and one in particular who has always been like a sister to me, who I fought with and played dress up with, sang and danced along to dirty dancing with, and who I am lucky enough to be able to stand beside on the day she gets married.

Thanksgiving is a time to think about what really matters in your life, and at this time my fears and uncertainties are invalid. It is not a time to think about the material things I lost, or the sense of peace I have yet to regain. My family and friends are my strength, they got me through the first few days, with messages, words of encouragement, flowers and hugs, and will continue to get me through the rest- bad times and great times. Those are the things I am most thankful for.

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